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New Domi

Wooden Toilet Roll Holder Stand

Wooden Toilet Roll Holder Stand

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New Domi Wooden Toilet Roll Holder Stand - Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder for Tissue Paper, Hand Towels with Bathroom Shelf and Acrylic Base - Bathroom Organizer Storage and Bathroom Accessories


Toilet paper may be one of the most taken-for-granted necessities we have daily, but it's also equally one of the most important essentials we can't live without.

And if you've put some thought and money into creating a nice bathroom, you want to have essentials to maintain the comfort level in your bathroom experience. But at the same time, you want all your bathroom fixtures to fit right into place.

This is where New Domi's Wooden Toilet Holder Stand comes to the scene. Its space-saving design, solid bamboo material, and acrylic base make it perfect for any bathroom aesthetic. 

Toilet paper holders come in a wide selection of styles, colors, and finishes–you will certainly find an option to suit your style. But ours is one of a kind. Its wood material gives warmth that works well in rustic spaces or any fresh Scandinavian interiors.

Our freestanding toilet paper holder even offers additional storage space for extra rolls or other bathroom accessories such as baby wipes, hand towels, and laundry pieces. 

Consider it for other uses, such as a shelf for your books or your closet where you can hang collars, hats, and other accessories. Its lightweight quality enhances portability, which is why it can fit discreetly in any space. You don't have to worry about it tipping over as its base is made with sturdy acrylic – chic but functional to keep it upright and steady. 

Now, you can say goodbye to endless cries of "help, I need toilet paper," and hello to a hassle-free bathroom experience. There's nothing like being in the comforts of your own home. That's why we give you the gift of convenience with this wooden toilet roll holder stand, which blends nicely with most bathroom decor

Buy it to treat yourself (you know you want to), as a housewarming gift for a treasured friend, or just to make someone's day. This sturdy wooden toilet holder can serve as a precious gift that will surely stand the test of time.




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